" whatever you are, be a good one "

my life has a new direction every week


my life has a new direction every week
1 day ago

i have done i have had enough..
1 day ago


People dont really want to talk to me. Ever. Not my friends or family. No one. Im never someone’s first choice… its always like the 8th or 9th. I dont know why I thought he would treat me different…

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I’m tired of being sick
and sick of being tired

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So when..

  • Do I get better looking?
  • Actually get/make friends?
  • Stop being socially awkward?
  • Stop giving a fuck what others think?
  • Find that someone?
  • Get over confidence issues?
  • Be the reasons for someone elses happiness?

I feels as if there should be some sort of store for this. Or a Chrystal ball..Yeah that would be good!

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Can someone explain to me why I’m the unwanted/ overlooked child in my family? Aren’t I a good person? Don’t I get amazing grades? Don’t I make people proud? I guess not.

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Seriously don’t want to be me any more. Fuck everything. It’s all gone to shit.

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1 day ago

:(sad blog):
Worst feeling in life


Being sick, horny, irritable, sad, lonely, tired, rejected, in pain and crying out of nowhere all at the same time like WTF body?

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I don’t like lying.


Please just drop it. I don’t want to lie to you.

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